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On November 5, 2013, New York State voters approved an amendment to Article 5, section 6, of the New York Constitution regarding the award and use of additional credits for certain disabled veterans on open competitive and promotion civil service examinations for positions with New York State and local governments. Click Here to view the text of this section

If non-disabled veterans credits have previously been used to obtain an appointment or promotion, for eligible lists established after January 1, 2014, disabled veterans may be entitled to additional credits on a civil service examination if:
  • they have used non-disabled veterans credits to obtain an appointment or promotion with New York State or a local government; and,
  • subsequent to such use, they have been determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”; formerly known as the United States Veterans Administration) to be a qualified disabled veteran, as defined in the New York State Civil Service Law.
    In such cases, the disabled veteran shall be entitled to apply for and use 10 credits on New York State and local open competitive and promotion examinations, minus the number of non-disabled credits he or she has previously used. The additional credits can only be used once.

    • On 6/1/11, a veteran received an original permanent appointment with a New York State agency. He or she obtained the appointment using the 5 veteran credits added to his or her civil service examination score.
    • On 9/1/12, he or she was certified as being a qualified disabled veteran by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
    • On 1/5/14, he or she applied for a New York State civil service promotion examination. Based upon the Constitutional amendment, he or she is now eligible to apply for and receive additional credits as a disabled veteran. He or she would be entitled to have 5 additional disabled veteran credits added to his or her passing promotion examination score (10 credits as a disabled veteran minus the 5 credits he or she has already used as a non-disabled veteran).

    Every situation is different. The New York State Department of Civil Service has posted on their website a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” at

    If, after reviewing this information, you believe you are entitled to these extra credits, click on the link below, print out the form, complete the bottom portion, and return the entire form and a copy of your Disability Award Letter with your completed application for either open competitive or promotional Nasau County civil service examination(s). Please be advised that such credits shall be granted only at the time of establishment of an eligible list. Once the eligible list has been established, no veterans credits will be added.

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