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The Nassau County Civil Service Commission operates in accordance with the New York State Constitution, New York State Civil Service Law and the Nassau County Rule Book, which is available on line.

The purpose of the Nassau County Civil Service Commission is to administer New York State Civil Service Law to ensure Nassau County taxpayers a qualified public workforce pursuant to the principles of selection according to merit and fitness. Civil Service currently services all County departments as well as more than 200 municipal agencies that include the Towns of North Hempstead and Oyster Bay, and Nassau County’s school districts, libraries, villages and special districts.

Three Commissioners meet on a regular basis, relying upon Civil Service staff that oversees specialized divisions. These divisions are Recruitment, Classification, Qualification & Examination, Placement, Law Enforcement and County & Municipal Transactions.

Classification defines all positions and maintains official job specifications, including training and experience requirements, according to the duties to be performed by incumbents. Examinations plans, organizes and supervises special and standard testing programs.

Qualifications reviews all applications, for both examinations and employment, in Nassau County Departments and municipalities within the County.

Recruitment administers all Civil Service exams and is responsible for preparing examination announcements and reconciling examination results from the New York State Civil Service Commission, prior to the establishment of eligible Law Enforcement administers the entry level Police Officer examination and is responsible for coordinating all phases of the qualifying process for law enforcement positions.

Placement establishes, maintains and certifies eligible lists. It is also responsible for verifying that competitive class appointments are made in accordance with Civil Service Law.

Transactions is responsible for serving as a liaison between the Commission, and the County departments and municipal agencies. It reviews all appointments of Nassau County and municipal employees prior to employment, maintains roster records for all County and municipal employees, and certifies County department and municipal payrolls to ensure that the employment practices comply with New York State Civil Service Law and Nassau County Civil Service Rules. ;

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