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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q. How do I apply for an examination?
A. Electronically filing provides storage of submitted applications in the personal user account and permits the application processing fee payment by credit/debit card.
The Examination Announcements website includes links entitled "Job Descriptions" and "Job Interest" Cards.

"Job Descriptions" are linked to class specifications, which explain the position and the qualifications for acceptance to sign up for an examination.
"Job Interest Cards" are forms to be completed by each applicant; the form triggers email notifications for open competitive examination in advance of the deadline for the examination application.

Job Descriptions should be carefully reviewed; when an applicant signs up for an examination for which he or she does not qualify, examination fees are NOT refunded. The applicant is responsible for his or her own decisions to sign up for examinations.

Additionally, our Examination Announcements webpage includes a link entitled Job Descriptions and Job Interest Cards, which offers the opportunity to view class specifications and fill out a form so that you may receive an email notification when an open competitive examination for a particular title is announced in the future.

Hard copy examination applications are no longer available.

Q. When will I receive my admittance notice?
A. The notice of admittance is mailed to approved candidates one week prior to the examination informing the candidate of the location and time of the examination. If the notice is not received by the Wednesday before the examination you should call 572-2713 for information.

Q. How do I request special arrangements for an examination?
A. A written request for special arrangements must be made to this office at the time of applying for the examination. You must clearly state the type of special arrangement that is needed, as well as provide official documentation as to why the special arrangements are necessary.

Q. What happens after I take the examination?
A. In approximately six months, you will receive a notice of rating in the mail.

Q. Are there study guides available for the examinations?
A. For each individual examination, the availability of an official study guide published by the New York State Department of Civil Service is noted in the Subject of Examination portion of the examination announcement. In addition, the State has created a publication entitled "How to take a written test", which they believe may be helpful in preparing for an examination. These publications are available on line at

For additional study guides/materials, it is suggested that you carefully review the subtest descriptions that appear in the Subject of Examination portion of the examination announcement before researching the availability of relevant publications at a public library or bookstore. Please be advised that, with the exception of publications created by the New York State Department of Civil Service, the Nassau County Civil Service Commission cannot recommend specific study guides or materials.

Q. Do I have to be a Nassau County resident to apply for the exam?
A. With few exceptions, to fulfill the standard residency requirement, each candidate for the open competitive examination must have been a bonafide resident and dweller of Nassau County for at least one year immediately preceding the advertised date of examination and maintain that residency until appointed from the eligible list established as a result of the examination. If the examination is open to residents outside of Nassau County, it will be stated on the front of the announcement.

Q. Is there a fee to apply for the examinations?
A. Yes, although a fee waiver may be requested under certain circumstances. Refer to the examination announcement for further details regarding fee amount, payment methods, and acceptable waiver criteria.

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